TaylorMade PSi Irons Review

TaylorMade PSi Irons Review
John Scott
4.9/5 stars

Pros and Cons of the TaylorMade PSi Irons

Last year, TaylorMade introduced their Speed Pocket in their RSi irons. The response to this technology was so positive that they decided to create a club utilizing the same technology but for better ball strikers. The result is the TaylorMade PSi irons. The PSi stands for “Players Slotted Iron”.

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 Key technologies in the PSi irons:

  • Redesigned Speed Pocket: Increases distance and consistency—especially for shots struck one groove low
  • Face Slots: More consistent across the face—added distance on miss hits
  • Shaped with better players in mind
  • Inverted Cone Technology: Maximizes COR (Coefficient of Restitution) adding ball speed and distance on miss hits
  • Progressive Spec Package: Blade lengths, toplines, and offsets that gradually progress from 3 – PW. This makes the longer clubs easier to hit and more forgiving.
  • Ultra-Thin Face: Allows greater distance from a smaller (players) clubhead
  • 360 Degrees Undercut: Lower CG (Center of Gravity) gives optimal launch angles for all clubs


Increased ball speed is an impressive feature on a club that has a smaller clubhead. Of course, increased ball speed translates into added distance. The redesigned sole slot and ultra-thin face are the contributing factors to this added distance. TaylorMade’s Face Slot Technology allows even miss hits to realize extra distance. Increased launch angles through lower CG has the effect of added distance with an added bonus of superior descent angles.

Materials of Construction

Of note with the PSi irons, is the fact that the materials of construction actually change as the irons get longer. From the 8 iron down through the wedges, they are a forged steel. 7 iron and higher, the material is a cast steel. TaylorMade explains this radical concept this way, “We have attempted to have an ‘optimum design for each iron’ strategy. We believe that longer irons need more ball speed, so cast steel is better for that. Shorter irons need more feel, so forged steel is better, but the trade-off is a softer face and relatively less ball speed at impact”.


There are three things that contribute to the superior feel that is evident in the PSi irons. We have reduced vibration across the face giving the player exceptional feedback on all types of strikes. The geometry in each clubhead is different, taking into account the type of strike that is required with each iron. Tungsten toe weights are installed in the long irons, improving stability while giving up little in regards to sound.


The amazing thing about the PSi irons is the amount of forgiveness that we see in what is truly a players club. Typically, forgiveness is an area that is sacrificed when performance is a priority. This is not the case with the TaylorMade PSi’s. The longer irons are where forgiveness is needed most. The cast steel material combined with the progressive spec technology gives the longer irons the forgiveness needed. The face technology as well forgives off-center hits more than you might think.

Classic lines and carefully considered shaping give PSi irons the clean and precise look preferred by better players, while also employing a progressive spec package that ensures each iron performs optimally for its specific role. Blade length, topline thickness, and offset increase gradually from the wedges to the long irons, inspiring confidence at address no matter the shot. The sole is somewhat generous but has a small grind on the rear of the sole to enable them to play narrower than it looks.

Custom fitting options

As is the case with any iron, the PSi’s crave to be custom fit to the player. There are three things that one should look at when enlisting the services of a certified club fitter; shaft selection and length, grip size and lie angle. If required, changes to the lofts can also be done at the time of order.




Tour Option

The PSi Tour irons have a smaller head, a thinner topline, and a narrower sole.


Playability: Optimized launch angle with each club gives an improved descent angle.
Accuracy/Forgiveness: Amazing forgiveness on miss hits. An attribute not seen in a players club.
Distance Control: The consistent distance control even with less than full swings is a feature of the PSi’s. High swing speeds produce explosive distance.

Feel: Well-balanced, the clubhead gives amazing feedback on well-struck shots as well as miss hits.
Look: The head size is smaller, but not difficult to hit blade smaller. By-products of the face slots near the toe and heel are that they aid in alignment and give confidence to the golfer.


The smaller head may not be small enough for a premium ball striker. In addition, the difference in materials makes the long irons feel different than the shorter clubs.

Is This Club for You?

PSi is everything better players demand from an iron, and so much more. Whether you want superior sound and feel or increased ball speed and distance, you no longer have to compromise.

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About the author

John Scott

John Scott is a 3 hcp elite golfer and certified club fitter, with over 40 years of golf experience. He is a former Club Champion at Priddis Greens, 2 times Champion of Chinook Valley Mens Open, former Alberta Interclub Champion, and a professional golf writer.