2017 TaylorMade M2 Driver Review

TaylorMade M2 2017 Review
Mathias Hamnvik
4.9/5 stars

Pros and Cons for the TaylorMade M2 2017 Version

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Last year I tested the 2016 model of the M2 and was very impressed with how the driver performed. I hit some of the longest drives in a good while with it straight away and found it to go very straight as the weight was well balanced in the driver and it was less heavy than TM previous models. My last driver being the R11s which has a heavier head.

This year I got on a trackman and tested the 2017 version of the M2, and was very pleased to see my driving average go up 5-10 meters even when missing sweet spot a little compared to my older driver that I was more grooved with.

I got a Graphite Design shaft for the driver as well, which I would highly recommend, although it’s more expensive. Roughly around 350 USD for the shaft. I got a very solid ball flight when going for the GD shaft with the new M2.

Let’s go through the features, cons, and pros of the 2017 TaylorMade M2!

With this year’s M2 you get a solid increase in forgiveness compared to last year’s model. Something Justin Rose noticed straight away when testing it out the first time with TM. This means you will have more drives that are still going nearly the optimal distance, even though they miss-hit the sweet spot a little.

TaylorMade has added a speed pocket this year that is 3 times the size of last years model, which means increased distance. They’ve improved the performance of the driver both on distance and forgiveness through Geocoustic Technology, a new design method used by TM. This allows for a sunken sole, that frees up volume without raising the center of gravity. The end result – better performance, more forgiveness and more distance than last year’s model.


The deeper and more active speed pocket, that is 3x as big as on the M2, gives massive distance. The driver is set up and designed to launch high with low spin, which is the ultimate ball flight for distance. Personally, I got 5-10 yards more distance compared to my previous driver, when hitting on a trackman with the 2017 M2. I also got a very solid ball flight with this driver, and it’s now in my bag.


The 2017 M2 is more forgiving than its previous model as it’s using a new design technology called Geocoustic Design Technology. This allows for more expansion of the club face and increases forgiveness.


Visually, the 2017 M2 looks great. It has a carbon fiber finished black head, with a white coating as you can see in the picture above. Underneath it has a more flat look to it that screams speed, while they have used dark grey/matt design with green stripes for the looks on that part of the driver. It simply looks fast, and you can tell the aerodynamics are in place for optimum swing speed.

Sound and Feel

When you hit it well it has a low driving sound to it and reminds you of an engine that is about to start for a split second. It both feels and sound great when you hit it well, and you get good feedback on whether you have hit a good shot or not.

The feel is deep and the head is slightly lighter so it gives a feeling of ease of speed, while still easy to handle and control well.

The ball flight comes out great with low spin, and when you hit it well it flies high with 10.5 degrees which was what I went for and what I would recommend as it will add to the carry distance, ultimately making your drives longer. You still get roll off it as the spin is low on this driver.


The price, as with most Taylor Made drivers. The rest is hard to find faults in.


Great forgiveness, solid high launch low spin ball flight that runs far. Great distance. Easy to control and hit well with due to the appropriate swing weight of the driver head.


Amazon: Check Price


A great driver that is well worth the price. It will give solid ball flights that penetrate the air well, carry far, and lose little on miss-hits. Recommended for players ranging from 20 hcp down to plus hcp and pros. Make sure to get a shaft that is right for you. 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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