Ping G400 LST Driver Review

Ping G400 LST Driver Review

Mathias Hamnvik

4.5/5 Stars

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  • Extremely forgiving across the club face
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    Performs great in maximum distance. High MOI
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    Low spin rate, something that most golfers need if they learn to launch it high
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    Solid look and feel. A driver that is good to stand over
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    Flexible adjustment of swing weight. Important so you can adjust it to your swing
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    Good value for the money


  • Not advised for players who already have low spin. This is a low spin driver
  • Low level of loft adjustment. This means it's important to choose a loft that is right for you to start with if you are going to choose this driver

Ping just came out with the G400 series mid '17, and it's now used by players like Lee Westwood. The LST version is different from the standard G400 by Ping, having moved the center of gravity a little farther towards the club face, compared with the G400 standard version. This gives you ball flight with less spin. Tests have confirmed that this is actually the case. One pro that tested it had an average 2400 rpm spin rate on the G400 and an average 1800 with the LST.

This means this is an ideal driver for players who hit slightly too much down on the ball with their driver, making normal drives get too much backspin (this is often the case for a lot of golfers), or for the player with higher clubhead speed that wants to take some spin off his trajectory. Another thing that differentiates the LST from other drivers is that it has a slightly smaller volume, at 445 cc (460cc being the industry standard). The reason for doing this is to reduce clubhead drag and increase speed in the swing. Normally this would mean slightly reduced forgiveness, but due to other great technologies in this driver, this does not seem to be the case.

Ping also claims that the G400 LST has more forgiveness across the face than its competitors, and testing points in that direction. If you do need more forgiveness, which is the case for most players, as over 50% of shots even in good players tend to miss the sweet spot, this driver is definitely a good choice to max out on your average driving distance through having improved forgiveness across the face.

Distance & Forgiveness

If you want a driver that you can launch high into the air, and still get good roll with, this one is a good weapon of choice. Hitting it long today is just as much about getting an optimal ball flight and maximum roll, as it is about maxing out the drivers MOI and getting a solid hit. The Ping G400 LST offers that good ball flight for the majority of players, so you can launch it high, get low spin on it, and still have some roll down the fairway. 

The G400 LST has a head shape that is designed to reduce air drag in the downswing, making it more aerodynamic, which again will result in a slightly higher clubhead speed, giving you more distance. The drag is reduced by 40% in the mid-downswing and overall a reduction of 15%. You won't feel much difference from this effect alone, but it does add to the value of the club, giving you a few extra yards from this feature, on top of what is already a great driver with good forgiveness off the club face, compared to many of its competitors. 

Although every manufacturer nowadays will try to tell you their model this year is more forgiving and faster than previous and other models, testing point in the direction that this driver really does deliver better on the forgiveness scale. That is also what Ping has had as one of their main goals when working on the G400 series. One player reported that he hit the back of the range more often with this driver, compared to others, although many were not struck in the sweet spot.

​Even though that is not quite as accurate a measure as machine testing, it's a great sign in the right direction for the G400 LST being a driver that delivers great on both maximum and overall distance.

Technology & Adjustability

The clubface uses a forged T9S+ technology that gives more flex overall in the clubface and provides a combined MOI at over 9000. Forging, in general, makes the material more flexible, so you can expect to get both great ball speeds and a solid feel.

​As mentioned above, drag is reduced up to 40% in the downswing with improved aerodynamics, called Vortec Technology. This also gives the driver a cool look and should give the player confidence when standing over the ball, as it simply looks fast and solid. 

The driver has a tungsten back weight that is very dense and put fairly far back in the driver for improved MOI (although, it is slightly more forward than it is in the G400 standard version). It is also possible to adjust the swing weight of the driver with this feature, something that I think is important. Simply adjusting how heavy a driver is and feels can make your results better or worse​ and affect your confidence and trust in the driver. You want a driver that is right for your tempo and swing, and through this feature, you should more easily be able to find that. It will also help you to adjust towards a spin rate and ball flight that is optimal for you.

When it comes to adjusting loft, the G400 LST offers +/- 1-degree adjustment, which compared to other brands is not really a lot. Therefore it should be advised to make sure you pick the right loft on the driver, to begin with. Generally, it's advised to go for slightly higher loft, to give you an optimal high and long carry ball flight, and less chance of missing to the sides, which is the case with lower lofted drivers. A high loft is also advised for this driver due to the fact that the LST is a low spin driver. That way you will more easily carry it far but still have a penetrating ball flight and roll with your driver.

For its crown, the Ping G400 LST uses something they call Dragonfly Technology, where the crown is thinner than before, for weight savings where weight is less important to have in a driver. Most drivers do offer a thin crown these days, so I'd say Ping is just keeping up with the competition at this point.

Look, Feel & Sound

The G400 LST has a slightly smaller head with a dark matt carbon crown, making it look robust, stylish and solid to hit. The sound is also lower and less "pingy" than in their previous models, something they have done work on. Many players report that it just feels very solid and right when you hit it and that it's a club you can easily have confidence with.


As the LST is meant for the medium to lower hcp player, it comes in 8,5 degrees and 10 degrees loft. I would recommend most players to go for the 10-degree loft for more carry, as this is a low spin driver.

The club head weight is D4 but can be adjusted for preference with the backward located center of gravity tungsten setup.

Shaft length is 45 and 3/4 inches, which is just slightly longer than other drivers, but typical of Ping. This will give just a nudge more distance and clubhead speed, but for some players, it could mean slightly less control. This can be custom fitted though. 

Shaft Options

  • PING Alta CB 55
  • PING Tour 65
  • PING Tour 75
  • Alta Distanza
  • Aldila X-Torsion Copper
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi
  • Project X HZRDUS Yellow


  • Aftermarket shafts from Aldila, Project X, and Mitsubishi available at an up-charge. Default standard lengths are 45 1/4”
  • The Tour 65 shaft is available at an up-charge - default standard length is 45.25”
  • Tour 75 shaft is available at an up-charge, and is tip-trimmed 1" when installed in any driver - the default standard length is 45.25"



The Ping G400 LST is meant for the medium to low handicapper, due to its low spin trajectory. But if you do have okay swing speed, but still with a little bit higher handicap, I see no reason why this couldn't still be a good fit, due to the great forgiveness that the club offers. But all in all, this is a low spin driver​ and should be used first and foremost by players who have either a high swing speed or players that hit too much down on it (players with a too steep angle of attack), eg players who have a high spin in their drives. Those are the ones that will see the biggest improvement by switching over to the G400 LST, along with players that really need a lot of forgiveness to improve driving distance.

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