Nike Vapor Driver Review

Nike Vapor Driver Review
John Scott

Pros and Cons of the Nike Vapor Drivers

The Nike Vapor, now in its third year, has been redesigned for 2016. This year’s version is called the Vapor Fly. Three versions are available. The Vapor Fly, Vapor Fly Pro, and the Vapor Flex 440. All three models hit the market in January of 2016. Of note is that these drivers are some of the few that are made of 100% titanium, with the exception of the Flex 440, which has a composite crown.

The Nike Vapor Flex:

The Nike Vapor Fly Pro:

The Nike Vapor Pro:


What’s new for the 2016 Vapor series

  • Crown is 30% lighter than last year, bringing the CG (Center of Gravity) lower and farther back
  • Hyperlight” face designed for extreme ball speed
  • The Compression Channel has been redesigned to maximize distance and performance on miss hits
  • Head shape is referred to as “Symmetrical C Shaped” and makes the club feel more solid on contact. On the Fly Pro and the Flex 440, the head is more of a pear shape
  • New cavity back design lightens the head, allowing for heel and toe weights to make the club even more forgiving
  • New Flexloft 2 gives golfers 15 different launch options

Let’s look at each of the three and what they can do for you.

Changes for 2016

With the new CG (Center of Gravity) position, Nike claims to be able to launch the ball higher to take advantage of golf balls that spin less with the elevated trajectory. Three things contribute to the added distance.

1 – The crown is lighter which has moved the Cg (Center of Gravity) lower and further back, launching the ball higher.

2 – The face thickness has been redesigned to increase ball speed and add distance.

3 – The “Flexloft 2” gives the golfer more options when trying to find the trajectory that best matches their ball and swing.

Test Comparison Results: Performance

Vapor Pro

In testing, the Vapor Pro confirmed Nike’s claim of increasing launch angle while reducing spin. The Nike Vapor Pro launched the ball almost 3 degrees higher than the other two clubs on average. While the total spin produced was lower, the clubhead speed and ball speed were also lower. The Vapor Pro has the lowest efficiency rating of the three. As far as distance is concerned, this club is also shorter than the other two. Overall, this club performed very well, for being a game improvement driver.

Vapor Fly Pro

The Nike Vapor Fly Pro outperformed the other two in most areas. The clubhead speed and ball speed were quite high and when looked at together, the efficiency rating of the Fly Pro was the highest of all three. It had the highest spin rate of all three drivers and came in second, just slightly behind the Flex 440 in overall distance. The Fly Pro also had more offline shots, making it the least forgiving of the three. The launch angle was slightly higher than the Nike Flex 440.

Vapor Flex 440

This club had the highest overall distance and the lowest spin rate. Surprisingly, this massive distance was achieved with a launch angle that was the lowest of the three. The clubhead speed and ball speed were both just slightly lower than the Fly Pro. This gives it an efficiency rating second slightly to the Fly Pro.


The Nike Flex 440 is the only one of the three that offers any sort of weight adjustability, with the “Flightpod” which is 9.5 grams weight at one end and 0.5 grams at the other. When switched end for end, this drastically changes the CG (Center of Gravity)

All three drivers feature the “Flexloft 2” system. This hosel adjustment offers 5 different loft options and 3 different face angles, totaling 15 different settings in total.

Custom fitting options

You should take some time and get some input as to which model is best suited to your game, out of the Vapor Drivers. If you are a mid to high-level player you might find the best value in the Vapor Pro. If you are a lower handicap, you should opt for either the Flex 440 or for the Vapor Fly Pro. In addition, ask questions, either of Nike themselves or a certified club fitter in regards to grip and shaft options.

As far as the Flex 440 is concerned, because of the front to back weight adjustment, you would be best served to have this driver custom fitted for you.

Choose a grip that is comfortable and durable. If you can, try out a half cord if you have never tried one. It is a bit rough on your hands, but is very good for sweaty hands or playing in the rain.


The standard shaft length for the Nike Vapor series is 45 ½ inches (ladies is 44 ½ inches). From a club fitter’s standpoint, if your wrist to floor measurement is close to 32 inches, a standard length is appropriate for you.

Then choose a shaft: the Vapor Pro comes stock with the MRC Tensei CK Blue, which is a mid-trajectory shaft; the Vapor Fly Pro comes stock with either the MRC Diamana D+ White Board, which is a low-trajectory shaft, or the MRC Diamana D+ Blue board, which is a mid-trajectory shaft; the Vapor Flex 440  comes stock with a MRC Diamana S+ Limited shaft, which is also a mid-trajectory shaft.

Nike has numerous other shaft options with no upcharge. Check out their website for these. As well, they can custom order any shaft you want, as long as the tip is compatible with their club. Shaft fitting should be done with a shaft fitting professional. The only place you would encounter one of these individuals would be at a demo event of some sort.


  • Right-handed and Left-handed lofts available: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5  and 12.5 degrees through 5 degrees of adjustment from the Flexloft 2 hosel adjustment.  This is the same for all three models
  • 460cc head size (Nike Fly Pro and Nike Pro)
  • 440cc head size Flex 440
  • Swing weight is D2 on all three models but can be changed when ordered specially
  • Shaft flexes available – Reg, Stiff and X Stiff
  • Ladies driver is available in the Vapor Pro and Fly Pro model


The Vapor Fly does not have the same crisp sound that the Fly Pro or the Flex 440 does. This is probably due to the slightly different clubhead shape. In addition, the combination of materials on the Flex 440 probably has a lot to do with it.


Nike Vapor Fly Pro has a combination of colors called “Photo Blue” and “Volt”. Both colors are bound to be cornerstones of their clothing line this year, to be sure.  One thing missing is any sort of alignment aid on the crown.

The Flex 440 is vastly different looking, with the contrasting Photo Blue face/front, and the black RZN composite crown.

The Nike Vapor Pro:

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Nike has improved these drivers over last year’s models, especially in the areas of distance and forgiveness. Having two of the highest profile golfers as Staff professionals (Rory and Tiger) does not hurt their retail exposure. All models are priced significantly lower than other high-performance models. The convenience of not having to decide on a loft will make your purchase a bit smoother. Overall, these three clubs all look good, feel good and would be great to have in your bag.


With no face bias adjustability, Nike is asking the user to shape his/her ball flight the old-fashioned way. There are a lot of players out there that want an assist in this area.

The flamboyant colors of the Vapor Pro and Fly Pro are definitely a “love me or hate me” issue.


Nike Vapor Flex 440:

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Summary: Which one will suit you best?

With three models, the Vapor Fly, the Vapor Fly Pro and the Vapor Flex 440, there will undoubtedly be a model for everyone. The Vapor Pro may be better suited for the mid to high handicap player, whereas the Vapor Fly Pro and the Vapor Flex 440 will appeal to players with a lower handicap. Rumor has it that Tiger prefers the Flex, as he likes to shape his drives somewhat. Rory uses the Fly Pro as he seems to hit the ball straighter with his driver.

The changes Nike has made this year has given the consumer three distinct options in our quest for more distance and more forgiveness. The sharp color options are sure to appeal to junior players out there. That, coupled with Nike’s reputation, suggests that this club would be one that could help improve your game. In the words of Nike themselves, “Just Do It”.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro:

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John Scott

John Scott is a 3 hcp elite golfer and certified club fitter, with over 40 years of golf experience. He is a former Club Champion at Priddis Greens, 2 times Champion of Chinook Valley Mens Open, former Alberta Interclub Champion, and a professional golf writer.