Cobra Fly Z Driver Review

Cobra Fly Z Review
John Scott
4.5/5 stars

Pros and Cons of the Cobra Fly Z Drivers

Cobra Fly Z

The Cobra Fly Z driver incorporates many features that have made Cobra so popular in the past. It has always been a loud, in-your-face club. Nothing about the Fly Z changes this perception. This driver combines distance with forgiveness like no other Cobra driver has ever done. Cobra continues to tinker with weight distribution.

Cobra has what they call a “Speed Channel” surrounding the face of the Fly Z. This reduced the weight by two grams, which ended up lower and further back in the club head. In the Bio Cell, the weight was separated and distributed into “cells”, thus the name. The Fly Z distributes the weight into zones.

There is probably not a lot of difference between the two schools of thought in my opinion. The new SmartPad sole keeps the club face square after the loft has been adjusted.

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Cobra Fly Z Plus 

Most everything about the Fly Z is true of the Fly Z Plus. The Fly Z Plus has a slightly smaller head size (455cc vs. 460cc in the Fly Z) that is both taller and not as deep. But the real difference is a 15-gram sole weight in the “Flip Zone” that allows the player to flip the weight from back to front, drastically altering the CG (Center of Gravity) and changing trajectory. The Fly Z Plus also has a significantly different sound to it. Click to see the price for the Cobra Fly Z Plus



Fly Z

Fly Z has increased its distance through the lowering of the CG (Center of Gravity), due in large part to the redistribution of weight saved in other areas of the club head. In addition, the “Speed Channel” helps to generate extra ball speed. The low CG has also raised the launch angle and reduced spin.

Fly Z Plus

This driver is slightly longer than the Fly Z. However, as the club is geared towards lower handicap players, there is some discussion as to whether the testing is in fact accurate. It is true that the Fly Z Plus does reduce spin and has a lower ball flight. The lower ball flight that results is more suited to better ball strikers.

Materials of Construction

Fly Z

The Fly Z crown and face is 100% titanium. It is one of a few drivers that do not use composite carbon fibers in the crown.

Fly Z Plus

The Fly Z Plus utilizes carbon composite in the crown and sole. The main reason for this is to make it light enough to accommodate the sole weight.



Fly Z

The MyFly8 hosel adjustment still offers the choice of five loft options; 9°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5° and 12° and three draw options at 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5°.

Fly Z Plus

The Cobra Fly Z Plus has, in addition to the MyFly8 hosel adjustment, a 15-gram sole weight that has initiated a cute catch phrase for this club that plays off of John Daly’s saying. Cobra Fly Z Plus users can “Flip it & Rip it”.

Custom Fitting Options and Dimensions

Both the Cobra Fly Z and the Fly Z Plus can certainly be purchased off the shelf, once a shaft and grip have been chosen. Take advantage of an in-house club fitter to help you find the proper setting of the MyFly8 hosel adjustment.

Start with the grip; order the right size and type. (rubber, cord, half cord) There are countless options here.

Then the shaft length; the standard is 45 ½ inches for both the Fly Z and the Fly Z Plus. From a club fitter’s standpoint, if your wrist to floor measurement is close to 32 inches, a standard length is appropriate for you.

The standard shaft is a Matrix VLCT SP. If you want a different shaft, you would have to custom order it from Cobra. There may be an upcharge for this.

The sole weight is something that I would recommend testing for yourself on the range.

Specifications Fly Z

  • Clubhead size: 460cc club (ladies is also 460cc)
  • Shaft length: 45.5 inches (ladies length is 44.5 inches)
  • The stock shaft is the Matrix VLCT SP (53-60 grams). Flexes that are available are light, regular, stiff and extra stiff (ladies shaft is the same, only in 50 grams).
  • Swing weight: D3 (ladies is C9)

Specifications Fly Z Plus

  • Club head size: 455cc
  • Shaft length: 45,5 inches
  • The stock shaft is the Matrix VLCT SP (54-60 grams). Flexes that are available are light, regular, stiff and extra stiff.
  • Swing weight: D3.


Fly Z

Cobra has long been a club that had a reputation as sounding different from other titanium drivers. I remember the first time I heard it. It took a few holes before the owner hit one on the sweet spot, but when he did, it was like a gunshot. The Fly Z has this same unmistakable sound.

Fly Z Plus

Perhaps it’s due to the use of composite in the crown, or maybe the fact that the Fly Z Plus has a few extra potential sound leak spots, but it’s not as loud as the Fly Z.

Optics Fly Z and Fly Z Plus

Cobra offers the Fly Z in a rash of bold colors; orange, blue, white and black. You can even get it with a red or green head in some international markets. The shape is not as pear-shaped as some of the other drivers on the market.

Performance specs

Here is the launch monitor data for review of the two drivers:


The wrench used for the sole weight is the only accessory needed.


Fly Z

For golfers that want to lift their trajectory, the Fly Z is geared towards that. This club gives adequate distance, but exceptional forgiveness. The sound it makes is solid, and the colors should make it popular with the younger crowd. The MyFly8 hosel adjustment is easy to read and offers draw bias adjustment as well.

Fly Z Plus

In addition to the qualities of the Fly Z, this club will offer that extra distance, especially to those with a higher swing speed. The sole weight adjustment is a feature that low handicap players seem to want nowadays.


Fly Z

Does not reduce spin rate as much as other drivers at the high launch angle. There seems to be an issue with drives ballooning at higher swing speeds. Golfers like to increase ball speed to try to get more distance, but the Fly Z seems to increase spin as ball speed increases.

Fly Z Plus

The Fly Z Plus distance is not as eye-popping as some would like. The sound is a bit muted compared to other Cobra drivers. The bold colors will not appeal to traditionalists.

Are The Cobra Fly Z or The Fly Z Plus For You?

What we have here are two clubs that appeal to different levels of golfers. And that is a good thing. The Fly Z will perform better for players with slower swing speeds. The Fly Z Plus is geared for higher swing speeds. The Fly Z likes to get the ball in the air with a higher launch angle, whereas the Fly Z Plus works well with a lower launch.

The Fly Z is very forgiving. The Fly Z Plus is not. The Fly Z has no weight adjustment. The Fly Z Plus has a sole weight. Think about where you are in your game and see if either one of these is a good match for you.

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John Scott is a 3 hcp elite golfer and certified club fitter, with over 40 years of golf experience. He is a former Club Champion at Priddis Greens, 2 times Champion of Chinook Valley Mens Open, former Alberta Interclub Champion, and a professional golf writer.