Cobra F6 Driver Review

Cobra F6 Driver Review
John Scott
4.6/5 stars

Pros and Cons of the Cobra F6 Driver

Cobra’s motto is “We are cool stuff that works”. There is no doubt that Cobra embraces this motto. The F6 driver fulfills their claim. There are many improvements implemented in the F6. They have changed their E9 face to be lighter, thinner and more explosive. The shape is shallower and wider which contributes to a lower CG (Center of Gravity). The sole weight design is different in that it’s adjustable. The adjustability does not stop there. The MyFly8 hosel adjustment system changes both loft and draw bias to suit the golfer’s needs.

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Fact: distance is enhanced either by increasing ball speed or optimizing launch angle and spin imparted on the ball. The F6 has many features that contribute to adding distance.

The first is the speed channel, which increases ball speed when struck on the sweet spot. The E9 face is engineered to be the perfect thickness across the face. Hotter on the sweet spot and thinner around the perimeter. The loft adjustment allows the golfer to customize his/her loft and draw bias to maximize distance. The CG placement allows a higher launch combined with low ball spin. This also adds extra yards.

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Getting the CG on the Neutral Axis Line is key to the forgiveness of the F6. The VFT (Variable Face Thickness) which we spoke of in the distance portion of this review, is also very important when it comes to forgiveness. This feature helps your miss hits to be less punishing than they might be. The speed channel also does double duty as it contributes to off-center hits being straighter.


The sole weight adjustment allows the weight to be moved from a forward position to a position in the rear of the club. This allows the players who need to impart less spin on the ball to accomplish that, with the option of moving the weight back, while players who need to get the ball a bit more up in the air and have a little more spin for better distance, can achieve this by moving the weight forward with this adjustment option.

The “MyFly Hosel” changes the loft from 9 through 12 degrees. It also has three draw bias settings to aid players looking for help in moving the ball from left to right.

The adjustability offered in this driver, for this price range, is exceptional, and something to make note of if you want to get a lot of value for your money.

Custom fitting options

I definitely recommend custom fitting if choosing the F6. The head comes as is and needs to be adjusted to your loft preference. A proper fitting will give you this information as well as determining if you might benefit from any draw face bias at all.

If the F6 is not to your liking, the F6+ or the F6+ Pro might be more appealing. You can see the Cobra F6+ Driver by clicking here. The main difference between the F6+ and the F6+ Pro is the sliding sole weight instead of the unscrewable weight on the F6. This gives the golfer far more weight options to assist in shaping their ball flight. To see the Cobra F6+ Pro you can click here.


  • Right Hand/Left Hand 460cc head
  • Lofts available: 9, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 12
  • F6+ and F6+ Pro lofts: 7, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10 degrees
  • Stock shaft: Matrix Red Tie 60Q4. Flexes: Light, regular, stiff and X-stiff
  • F6+ and F6+ Pro shaft: Matrix Black Tie 65M4. Flexes: Regular, stiff and X-stiff


The feel and sound of the Cobra F6 are far different from that of the Fly Z. The sound is not as “in your face” as previous Cobra drivers. In a surprising twist, miss hits do not sound much different from well-struck shots.


There are three clubhead colors to choose from: white, blue, and black. All have the crown logo as an alignment aid.


The wrench supplied is used for the MyFly hosel and sole weight adjustment.


The Cobra F6 is another driver that claims to give the golfer not only added distance, but also optimum forgiveness. The truth is, I can find nothing that would dispute these claims. It seems that this driver is suitable for players of all levels. The F6+ or the F6+ Pro is targeted for the lower handicap golfer.


The sole weight adjustment in the F6 is somewhat cumbersome as you have to deal with two separate weights. Workability seems to be an area that most testers find difficult.

Is This Club for You?

The fact that the F6 will both add distance and be more forgiving are two things to take note when considering this driver. It has good looks, great sound, and its brand is highly popular among golfers when choosing a driver, and has been for a long time for a good reason. What we can say for sure is that if you want great value for your money when picking a driver, you will find it hard to find a better deal among other brands with what is offered with this club.

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About the author

John Scott

John Scott is a 3 hcp elite golfer and certified club fitter, with over 40 years of golf experience. He is a former Club Champion at Priddis Greens, 2 times Champion of Chinook Valley Mens Open, former Alberta Interclub Champion, and a professional golf writer.