13 Things You Might Not Know About The Masters – You Won’t Believe #7

The Masters

(Photo taken by: Ryan Schreiber. License: Creative Common)

  • 1. All 18 holes at Augusta National are named after a tree or shrub.
  • 2. Augusta National is so green because originally it was a nursery.
  • 3. From 1943 to late 1944, Augusta National was closed for play. It was transformed into a farm to help pay for the war effort. Turkeys were given to club members at Christmas. German POWs helped get the club back in order after the cows virtually destroyed the grounds.
  • 4. If you happen to be lucky enough to get tickets to attend the Masters Tournament as a “patron”, you will be able to feed the two of you for $15.
  • 5. The Masters champion gets his custom-tailored green jacket to keep and wear proudly for the year. It’s then returned to the club to remain in storage, but would be available to him any time he returns to play at the club.

The Masters

(Photo taken by: Lisa Peck. License: Creative Common)

  • 6. “Patrons” (and pros) at the Tourney are not allowed electronic devices of any kind. Cameras are allowed only during practice rounds.
  • 7. Gary McCord was banned as a broadcaster from Augusta National when he joked that “bikini wax is used at Augusta National to make their greens so fast”.
  • 8. There is a tradition that the Masters champion gets to decide the menu for the next year’s Champions dinner. Upon hearing this, John Daly said, “If I ever win, there will be no suits, no ties and McDonalds is on the menu”.
  • 9. Amen Corner was so named in 1958.
  • 10. The USGA originally turned down Augusta National when they asked to host either the US Open or the US Amateur. This led to Augusta starting their own invitational tournament called the Masters in 1934.

The Masters

(Photo taken by: John Veldboom. License: Creative Common)

  • 11. Augusta National is closed for play from late May through mid-October.
  • 12. Augusta National has its own handicap system. It does not use the universally accepted USGA handicap system.
  • 13. Ken Venturi once accused Arnold Palmer of cheating at the Masters.
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