About Us

Pro Golf Magazine, established in early February 2016, aims to be a go-to site for golfers, with emphasis on advanced technical advice for the medium to advanced golfer. We provide updates, reviews, and news about the latest and best equipment on the market by giving you our honest opinion, with the good and the bad about each product.

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We want to help golfers become better players that enjoy the game more. Both in terms of helping to improve their strategy on the course, and by helping to make golfers more informed about executing proper technique—improving this crucial area to become a better player. We have also focused on helping you find the equipment that is best suited to your game, so you can get the most out of it and perform at your best level with what you’ve got.

We aim to provide occasional golf news and updates from the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and the big Majors. In the future, we want to add a section where we review golf courses from around the world and give you tips about where to go, especially if you would like a high-end course with good value for your money. We also want to provide reviews that help you find your dream golf courses, and which to choose when going for your dream golf trip to some of the best courses around the world.

Pro Golf Magazine consists of Mathias Hamnvik, Webmaster, Editor and Author on the site along with John Scott. John is a very experienced high-level player with 5 years experience as a club fitter, who is writing for the site as our main contributor and Author. He is a 3 hcp golfer and has formerly been at +1,4 so we are proud to have him contribute to the site with over 40 years of golf experience.

Pro Golf Magazine About Us

Mathias Hamnvik, the Webmaster and Founder of Matt’s Golf World is a 3 hcp former junior elite player, and a three-times Club Champion at Hauger GK, with now closer to 20 years of experience in the game of golf. He is an avid golfer and has his heart in the game of golf. He is passionate about helping other golfers get more out of their game, by providing both technical and equipment advice for the medium to advanced player who has ambitions for his or her game.

Pro Golf Magazine About Us
Pro Golf Magazine wants to provide visitors with the very best info about golf he or she can find. In our equipment review section, we aim to provide the best quality reviews for the most popular gear on the market, with the pros and the cons, the good and the bad. We review the best drivers on the market, the best performing irons, golf GPS and laser golf rangefinders.

Pro Golf Magazine About Us

We aim to be one of the bigger contributors in the areas we focus on within golf. To be an all-in-one review and go-to site for golfers to get updated on what they need to become better players and get the best out of their equipment. Also, learning to improve their game in crucial areas like hitting longer and straighter drives, improving short putting, lag putting, chipping, pitching. bunker play, iron play, and course strategy and management.

We have provided a section where we have a contributor for the mental part of the game aiming to make you a mentally stronger player who can perform well and consistently even under pressure.

For the next time you are on the course we wish you good luck and hope you enjoy the game like it was meant to be enjoyed:

One hole at a time, one shot at the time.